Carrier Aggregation Configuration (CA)

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One question, in E// vendor, appart of Carrier aggregation feature, do we need any other feature to activate?

In this case we have WCDMA 2 carriers, LTE MBB B3 band, B3 5mhz FWA, and the added and new carrier is B8 3MHz FWA.

All the baseline and configuration for the CA is “ok” until we tried to test on field if the feature is working and nothing happens, we cannot get information with the counters and with the devices on field (CPE outdoor and indoor, no cellphones in this case) carrier aggregation is not working properly.

What kind of verifications are possible to check?


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Yes, ANR interfreq + should be by default other ANR MOs (intrafreq, ANRSTATEGSM, ANRSTATEUTRAN).

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check Scellcandidate value in EUtranCellRelation MO, it should be set to 1:
1 active
2 auto
0 deactive

I also suggest to verify CPE capability first, there are many Cat 4 CPEs without CA support in the market. if you want to really make sure, try to capture UE capability message throughS1 Trace and see the Category and band combinations. even for UEs with CA capability all band combinations and CA classes are not supported.

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Scell candidate should set 1 between carrier 1 and 2 and between carrier 2 and 1. Also check partially swap issue in site it can highly impacted CA performance

Hi to all, thank you for all the answers

I already check the Scell candidate and it is configured at 1 allowed only in the cell with high bandwidth in this case for B3 FWA 5Mhz.

Should I set it reciprocal?

About the UE capabilities, I checked it and it said supported the combination of band and classes.

And ANR is by default

Any other feature I need to activate apart of CA, or parameters I need to check?

And at field test how can I stress the network to see more than 1 carrier?

Thanks again

Hi @kats17, you can try to activate this features:
Dynamic SCell Selection for Carrier Aggregation
Carrier Aggregation-Aware IFLB

Hi @vlr9999 thanks for the information. I’ll check to activate those features.

But I have a question, how can I know if the band combinations are ok?

To combine B3 with 5Mhz of bandwidth with 1807.5 Mhz, and B8 with 3Mhz of bandwidth with 958.3 Mhz

Carrier Aggregation is not supported in 3 MHz for Elastic RAN, or Inter-eNodeB CA features.

This is only limitation I have found

Hi my friend @vlr9999

Could you please share me the path or source where you got that info from?

Hi, it is from elex LTE RAN