Carrier 3 not picking traffic! what do I need to check?

Carrier 3 not picking traffic what need to check. Nodeb is Ericsson and there is no alarm on site!

Core definiton
Ip rout
Basic parameter …

Basic parameters are ok. What in core ?

Cell must be defined at core side. Check the license as well

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Yes , is defined in the core. Licence also ok.

Any other suggestions?

… Ip rout

Any command I can use to to check in OSS?

I’m only familiar with Huawei not Ericsson

New site ?

No. It’s an existing site

Was it fine before?

Yes it was

Try to reset node B

Done 3 times but still no improvement

Any traffic or only HS?

Totally no traffic

Can you please give the exact commands to check?

DSP UCELLCHK in RNC and Input the CellID. Put here the results

Not working!. Exact commands, please.

I am not connected now…run the command on the RNC with DSP UCELLCH…

Check Scribd for: 02 BSC6900 BSC6910 WCDMA RAN15.0

Get . Noofradio

This works.

Sorry not working in Ericsson RNC.