Career KPIs

Nice analogy… :grin:

Career is mainly based on two KPIs - Accessibility and Retainability.

The higher your accessibility and retainability rate, the more sustainable assurance you have.

Accessibility = Successes ( Hire ) / Attempts ( Apply )

Do you have a low Accessibility rate?

If yes, then simply it means you have more failures (skill weakness).
Try to find the root causes of these failures and rectify all (fix, correct, adjust, improve).
Your success rate should be maintained always in regular basis. :books:

But if your accessibility is maintained and retainability is low then you have really big problems 🤦🏻.
Try to figure out what are these drops about.
Probably, you have to work on your attituide and behaviours.
Sometimes, it’s very hard to maintain if you have unbearable character. :grimacing:

Retainability = 1 - Drops ( Fire ) / Connections ( Contracts )

P.S. Accessibility X Retainability = Quality Performance Rate (Career Growth Rate)

I understand that it is just a “simple analogy”. But I find it unfair depicting a figure where the candidates/employees are solely responsible for such a KPI and they have full control over it.

I am not advocating poor skills or personalities. In fact, one should always work&rework on these qualities regardless of their current career state.

However more often than not, the accessibility and retainability failures occur due to external factors. Improper ATSs, geolocation, budgets, incapable recruiters, toxic managements/cultures etc. make huge impact on those metrics.

KPI based approach is good, but it is only useful/valid if the metrics were defined properly.

And maybe it is only me, but I find this (over)simplification detrimental to the motivation of a job seeker and of those who suffer their job, when thinking in their shoes.

You are right, but its not for demotivate the jobless guys or somebody conversely somehow to show how the people can analyse their performance, investigate failures, weak sides, attititude, behaviours, etc.
I want to show how is important our tandem of skills and attitude.
We can be skilled and experienced but if we have wrong behaviours nobody will wish to work with us. As we should understand that our right attitude is more important than our job skills.
But sure, this analogy can be valid only in meritocratic and “theoritic” society as we need to estimate a lot of different factors (metrics), bottlenecks that to see the real picture of candidate evoluation, hiring process or promotions, career growth.