Can we use different TDD pattern for a private network?


Usually, within the same geography, [say a country] Operators are using the same TDD pattern to synchronize with other networks. for functionality such as Handvover support.

Let’s say I have a private network and I need a different TDD pattern [e.g. DSUUU] than the surrounding operators are using [e.g DDDSU], Can I use it? Assume no Handovers are needed between the private network and the Operator network.

The private network has its own frequency separated from the operator networks.

Will there be a co-channel interference issue? how?

thanks for the clarification if anyone shares more details.

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Operators are using the same TDD pattern not for synchronization with other networks, nor for handover support. Same TDD pattern is to avoid cross link interference, like one cell using UL while neighbor cell using DL.

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