Can we set priority for CA in LTE?

Hi Experts,

Can we set priority for CA in LTE?

What do you mean by CA priority?

Do you want to prioritise a specific band to be PCell and Scell?

We have 3 combination of CA.

I want to give them priorities.

You can establish the CA in terms of Pcell and Scell.

Each band will have a priority on the Pcell and the Scell.

As such each combination will have a priority.

For example say we have L8 L18 L26

  • PCell will have L26 > L18 > L8

  • Scell will have prioriity L26 > L18 > L8

The UE will select Pcell L26 in priority and try to add L18 1st then L8 as Scell.

Supplier ?

As Ericsson brings AI based scell selection.

No need to select any scell manually.

Ok thanks. It means which cell having high Connectedmode priority it has pcell, right?

No, for the example, connected non-CA UE will have different priority as CA-UE for Pcell.

In Huawei use command:

LST PCCFREQCFG (List PCC Frequency Configuration)

LST SCCFREQCFG (List SCC Frequency Configuration)

0 means no priority on that.