Can we prioritise IMSI scheduling on eNB level?

Hi Team.

Can we prioritise IMSI scheduling on eNB level?

Any parameter of feature?

Vendor Huawei

Note: I know it’s possible from CORE end, and Scheduling priorities are adjusted accordingly on RF side.


Yes, that is used in QCI level, I know it.

Don’t we have anything on IMSI level right on RF side?

Right, nothing from RF side for IMSI level i believe.

Carriers can provide differentiated QoS to subscribers who access the same service but have different priorities. High-priority subscribers can have preferential QoS in terms of access, resource allocation, and scheduling. Subscriber-class-based QoS control ensures that high-value subscribers have better user experience.

By extending standard QCIs (ranging from 1 to 9) to multiple extended QCIs, each representing a subscriber class, carriers can distinguish roaming subscribers from local subscribers and categorize local subscribers into gold, silver, bronze, and free-of-charge subscribers.

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