Can we limit UE capabilities from gNodeB side?

Hi All,

Can we limit UE capabilities from gNodeB side?

Like if we using only b41 band and wants to acquire related that info will UE help on it.

I filter UE enquiry but stil UE sending all band capabilities.

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But stop to send band combination set.

Only related band combination set sent by UE.

It doesn’t work Like this.

eNodeB controls the pcell and scell as per policy of RAN and parameters.

UE capability is just for information.

There are however tools that limits UE capability messages. NSGuru is one of those.

Lock rat, lock pci, lock earfcn etc, many other options.

Picture above is from NSGURU on a 5G phone

So any band or band combination can be enabled/disabled.


But there is mechinsm to limit UE capabilities in UE enquiry.

It work, but UE didn’t supported.

I can check that as well, thanks.

For NSA, UE MRDC cap info can be filtered by eNodeB but not UE NR cap info
For SA, gNodeB can filter both in the enquiry