Can we increase RS by 3 dB when changing CRS port number from 4 to 2 on 4x4 Radio Unit?

Hi Dears.

Can we increase RS by 3 dB in Nokia same as Huawei when changing CRS port number from 4 to 2 on 4x4 Radio Unit?

Can you give me exact parameter configurations?

I suppost changing dlmimomode ro 2x4 and increasing rsboost to +3?

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Exact parameters is dlrsboost.


But dlrsboost can be used regardless of CRS port.

In Huawei also same you can reduce 3 dB from PA and add it on RS.

But my point is, in Huawei without reducing 3 dB from PA, by reducing the CRS port from 4 to 2, you will get 3 dB extra power than can be either added to PA or RS.

Can we get the same from Nokia?

There can’t be 3 dB extra Power for RS when you reduced number of TX from 4 to 2.

Overall Power will be reduced like previously 4 x 40W = 160W.

And after changing to 2 Port will be 2 x 40W = 80W.

Channel Power Remains same!

You can see the difference between 2 vs 4 Port:

Cell Power changes while channel Power which is Power Per RRU Port remain is same.

Actually the 4 ports are still in use, only CRS port number reduces to 2, the cell will be actually working as 2x4 instead of 4x4.

OK for this one there is a feature of Port balancing.

First you need to enable switch which will balance RS for the 4 ports and then RS can be increase.

Remaining Power Use Strategy.

If PA/PB is –3/1, the CRS power is 18.2 dBm, and the cell bandwidth is 20 MHz, the maximum port power is 40 W.

  • First step: Enable the port power balancing function to make the power of every port be the same.
  • Second step: Set PB to 0. The RE power of type B symbols on the PDSCH increases by 25%, while the maximum port power remains unchanged.

2T and RX is 4 in 2T4R (2x4) so reference comes in all ports.

How we can do the same in Nokia?

I only know in Huawei.