Can we do Carrier Aggregation between two different vendors?

Dear All,
Can we do Carrier aggregation between two different vendors?
Like Ericsson and Huawei?

I would love to know this two.

Been wondering if I can do so for Huawei and ZTE.

I don’t recall this being possible.
Some vendors have Inter eNB CA feature but they are proprietary.

Interesting question.
Would love to see more answers…

This needs time and phase synchronization between the 2 eNodeBs else it doesn’t work.
Also the performance of external scell is not same as that of internal scell.

CA needs very strict timing requirements as it works at MAC level (millisecond level).
Because of this, generally CA is implemented for cells within a eNodeB.
Dual connectivity is much better option if it is across different vendors or eNodeBs

Honest question : is it doable - from implementation perspective , to integrate cells belonging to different gNb - different vendors?
Would scheduling be a concern?

There’s a single entity that coordinate resource allocation on CC1 and CC2.
This would require not only timing alignment between cells. But they should talk over a known protocol.