Can UE access a cell with band not configured by eNB (but frequency in supported range)?

Dear Experts.

Band41 TDD is 2496-2690 Mhz, Band38 is subset of b41 2570-2620 Mhz.
If UE just support b38, not b41 and eNB configure cell at b41 but frequency in b38 range, can UE access this cell?

If frequency band indicator is set to 41, then even though the arfcn frequeny belongs to b38, UE will bar the cell saying invalid cell.

Where did you read or know it?

Just know it as I did so many such experiments.

First, pss/sss synchronization is ok, right?
UE just know cell freq band after reading sib1?

Synch part is fine.
UE can decode MIB and SIB1 too.
After that UE will bar the cell.

What do you mean: RRC module bar the cell?
UE will not send RRC conn request?

Since UE thinks it is searching for B38 EARFCN, but the freqbandindicator is set to b41 which is not supported by UE, UE invalidates the cell config and bars the cell.
So, we won’t see RRC connection request too.

Thanks a lot!

If you set arfcn and freq range of cell to b38, but freq band is b41, not see UE send rrc conn request. Right after reconfigure band to b38, see rrc conn request, right?

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Yes. All this is under the the assumption that UE doesn’t support B41 but supports B38.

This can be avoided through “MFBI”.

NrArfcn configuration should be done to ensure the value is on the channel raster of both n41/n38 which is not practically possible to achieve while maintaining 3GPP minimum guard band