Can SIB1 be transmitted separately in NSA?

Hello Experts.

Anyone seen sib1 transmitted separately in NSA ever or is it part of RRC connection reconfiguration only?

In NSA SIB1 must be transmitted in RRC Con Reconfig.

Yes correct under PDCCH config common having control resource set zero info for SIB1 search space.

One point to check: as we know position of dmrs type A from MIB, how to interpret time domain index from DCI to use standerized 3gpp table to check PDSCH resource allocation.
For FR1 typeA table used
For FR2 we have type A, b, c table

Dmrs with PDSCH play important role in NR to check resource allocation for PDSCH.

It’s Not Mandatory. An SA capable cell can also be used for NSA however Core NW Architecture changes.
But all SIB1 common config will be sent in RRC reconfiguration in case of NSA.

Thanks @samohiuddin.
For mapping table A any way to identify time domain index?
Dmrs type A position we get from MIB.
But index column as mentioned is part of DCI format…

So what I understood: UE will use both to get PDSCH slot and symbol.

In NSA network always sends PDSCHConfigCommon and also PDSCHConfigDedicated.
UE uses common config until RACH is completed and all Indexes are provided in the RRC message .
After Successful RACH network configured SCI with dedicated config.