Can same PCI in 3 km range cause issue (5G SA)?


Can same PCI in 3 km range cause issue? In 5G SA.

Most PCI plan like this.
It seems weird to me.

It can cause trouble if antennas are facing one to another.

What frequency/ NR band?

If 700 Mhz, definitely an issue.

3500 and 700 both.

I see both getting latch simultaneously.

There are over 1000 PCIs in 5G, why you have to reuse after 3 km?

It seems wrong planning.

Because of “copy & paste” 4G planning maybe…

Yes, may be.

But my SINR is very poor in cluster.

And I see all PCI are in 2 km range.

Same PCI resuse.

What is the avg of your SiNR 700 and 3500?

SINR of 3500 is around 7 in cluster.

Try change your pci and don’t follow 4G, in 5G we have big interval and according to my experience 5G is much sensitive to pci collision than au other network, try for example for the site highly degraded to use one pci not in the network and don’t forget to update the external 4G-5G, monitor your site performance to confirm it’s the pci issue, if performance improved its absolutely pci issue, suggest new plan