Can same PCI in 3 km range cause issue (5G SA)?


Can same PCI in 3 km range cause issue? In 5G SA.

Most PCI plan like this.
It seems weird to me.

It can cause trouble if antennas are facing one to another.

What frequency/ NR band?

If 700 Mhz, definitely an issue.

3500 and 700 both.

I see both getting latch simultaneously.

There are over 1000 PCIs in 5G, why you have to reuse after 3 km?

It seems wrong planning.

Because of “copy & paste” 4G planning maybe…

Yes, may be.

But my SINR is very poor in cluster.

And I see all PCI are in 2 km range.

Same PCI resuse.

What is the avg of your SiNR 700 and 3500?

SINR of 3500 is around 7 in cluster.