Can same NR cell be used as NSA cell and SA cell simultaneously?

Yes, correct.

Nope, I have not seen in the case of BWP switching.
Even for beam forming also I haven’t seen.

Yes, that’s how it usually is.
But multiple ssb in freq domain is perfectly valid scenario in NR.
I think it’s also there in TS. 38.213

Yes, it’s possible and many vendors support that already.

  1. Related to NR Cell can be used for SA Cell, we can use same Cell for SA as well as NSA in Simulation network.

  2. BWP Switching can be done based on below ways:
    A. Based on Reconfiguration
    B. Based On DCI
    C. Based On Reconfiguration with Bwpinactivity timer
    D. Based On DCI with Bwpinactivity timer
    E. Based On IP Threshold Criteria

  3. Related to Multiple SSB in Frequency domain , we can change the position of SSB in frequency domain based upon offset to point A and Kssb offset but I don’t think we can have multiple SSB at same time .

The Term is Called CD-SSB, in an NR Cell, Multiple SSB can be broadcasted in different frequency locations.

From 3GPP Spec perspective there is not limitation and some Networks have this scenario deployed.
How its configured in MIB/SIB has detailed info below.

I think for NSA, kssb should be 31 for which there is no CORESET for Type0-PDCCH CSS set is present. But kssb between 24-29 is uncertain to UE whether that is SA or NSA.