Can not Cell Activate _Due to Failed to allocate baseband resources

Dear Expert

after configuring new eNB ,

When we try to activate the cell , we get error message

%%ACT CELL: LocalCellId=0;%%
RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded.

Prompt information

[0]Configuration data activating failed:(ErrorCode = 1973485749)Failed to allocate baseband resources.

ā€” END

Is the failed related to license or Configuration mistake !!?

Please your support

Make sure the cell is configured on a Baseband equipment which has BBP card that:
1- works the same mode of the cell (FDD/TDD)
2- has enough capacity for this cell.

You can know and modify the basebandeqm on which the cell is configured from LST and MOD EUCELLSECTOREQM.

You can also modify the Baseband equipment to be 255 which makes the cell choose the baseband equipment automatically.

But first, just make sure that the BBP cards are added to a basebandeqms.

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Problem was solved after change UBBP card

Thanks so much for your support