Can MRO improve handover delay?

Hello All.

Will MRO work on handover delay case due to ping pong cases?

Can it improve handover delay or any features to improve further?

Ericsson SA.

MRO will improve HO success rate and reduce RLFs.

But it will degrade Throughput.

You should not have ping-pong handovers, it means cells overlap too much.

Yes because our 5G nw is not fully integrated like 4G.

We are trying to reduce as much we can.

Try drive test logs and TA based.

Any parameter that can reduce HO delay

And in Ericsson there is contention based handover due to their products limitations.

Hi All.

What can be tuned mainly to avoid handover delay?

Do we need to reduce time to trigger?

a3 time to trigger to 160 msec.
This helped me save a lot of drops in no dominance area

Or if there is no dominance at all on entire cell footprint then reduce filter coefficient.

I will check A3 time to trigger. Thanks!

And what about filter coefficient value?