Can LTE DCI be separated for VoLTE and PS data?

Dear All.

Can LTE DCI be separated for VoLTE and PS data or not?

There are different classifications to DCIs, they are used wrt type of service.

For example, paging & system information will have diff DCI, CRNTI will have diff, SPS will have diff.

Refer to DCI in Sharetechnote, there you will find classifications and how MAC decide which one to use.

Check 4G/LTE - DCI and 5G_DCI

Sometimes you have same RNTI mapped with 2-3 DCI’s, all depends upon signaling and data services you are using simultaneously.

Does this mean: at same time (TTI), UE can decode some DCI, 1 for VoLTE DRB, another for PS DRB?

So meaning that if PS data + VoLTE data at same TTI, it must be in different PRB?

PRB’s will be different for control plane and data plane.

So diff DCI.

This case is user plane of PS + VoLTE same TTI.

There will be only one DCI for all DRBs in a TTI. Why should add this complexity without any reason. DCI is physical layer, and all data packed together will be extracted by upper layers for different DRBs.