Can I export file from planning tools and importing into MapInfo

Does anybody know what kind of file I can export from planning tool’s? Can I load them on MapInfo for example?

It’s better, easy and fast to export xls with lat long hight tilt azimuth and thn import it in mapinfo

Does that mean that they don’t export as tab file directly

Normally no. On Asset you get tab files when exporting vectors or on GIS Export for coverage array plots on 2D view. All other info you’ll get by xls files.

I’m not sure about other planning tools; if they export a tab file straight from the tool. What happens is that normally you get those files in any other extension from the planning tool and convert them in tab file using excel or any other tool.

Also Mentum Planet can export directly to MapInfo format. Atoll too, can export to MapInfo tab files and lot of other files