Can Huawei CHR (Call History Records) logs be stopped from recording?

Question for Huawei 3G, 4G and 5G engineers: Can CHR (Call History Records) logs be stopped from recording?
Which is the command to do this in 3G,4G and 5G?

I could not find anything in HEDEX…
This CHR is very important.
Huawei logs all the calls that are done in the network in those logs.
Why we cannot stop it?

Vendor is Huawei, SRAN16.1.

Yes, GENEX work a lot with CHR.

Also MRO modules need CHR inputs. Why can’t we stop CHR logs? Even the fact that Huawei has those logs without the possibility to stop it is a clear hint that Huawei use those files somehow before overwritten them.

There is a possibility that Huawei phones retrieve those CHR files somehow from RNC or enodeB and send them to China. Think about it : both enodeB and smartphones are Huawei. Anytime a proprietary protocol can be established between those 2 entities without anyone knowing about it.

Think about it. CHRs running around the world recording data about each and every single call 24x7x365 and nobody can stop them.

I think for 2G it can be done through SET GCSCHRCTRL, by setting CSRCDSW to OFF.
This applies for CS services, there is a corresponding PS service.

Yes for 2G it is clear.
Even for 3G.

But starting from 4G and 5G cannot be done anymore…?
As i said, I doubt it can be stopped, because there is important information ther required by MRO and other SON modules.
Just want to confirm.

Aha, but I thought that 4G CHRs are not continously recorded since they do some impact on UL interference counters (or that is what I thought).
I had been acquiring them though NIC in non-BHs.

What CHRs have to do with UL interference?
I think are not connected one with another.

CHR is call history records.
Not battery or UL power information.

Where do you disable this in 3G?