Can high Arq Retransmission be reason for ERAB drop?

Hello Experts.

Arqmaxretransmission counter is very high.

Could it be be reason for ERAB drop

What is BLER %?

I doubt it’d be the reason.
Is this on default bearer?
My guess is your RF is poor and these counters are effect of poor coverage which lead to drops.

Will have to check BLER, but yes this counter is indicating to poor coverage.

Which eventually is leading to ERAB drops and call fails.

This counter increased to 200% approx.

DL BLER is in same line with this counter.

Yeh thought so.
It’s likely RF problem.

Yes thanks!

It increased when this counter got increased but its approx 1.5% which used to be approx 0.5 % but all three DSS cells are impacted.

This counter denotes RLC layer and BLER PHY HARQ.
Could it be processor issue?

To add S1ap nas unspecified counter also increased, but to 15% from previous.
Will have to check that also…

Could be interference problem.

Default bearers are not dropped due to ARQ failures in my experience.
At RLC there are other mechanism to reset link.
But generally if ARQ is getting, it means underline layers are worse which then leads towards RF problems.

S1AP NAS Unspecified what counter?

Will have to check the traces including detach.

actually HARQ retransmission do not genarate drops but if UE is not able to pass data in uplink( either data or rrc messages) for MAX RLC RETRANSM times then it will trigger an RRC reestablishment. MAX RLC RETRANSM is a parameter and is usually 16 or 32.