Can DSS be considered as 5G?

Hello dear Experts,

We’re hearing a lot about DSS deployment, several Operators widely activating it.

But can we consider it real “5G”?


DSS is just an early introduction of 5G. More like a Marketing thing.

That’s exactly my thought. Thank you for confirmation. :wink:

Maybe DSS can help you to boost your 3.5 GHz TDD coverage by FDD-TDD NR CA. This is case if you have no space to allocate dedicated spectrum for NR on FDD area like Band 1 or Band 3.
NR PUCCH on 3.5 GHz TDD could suffer weaker…

Is there any real time use case of DSS for the operators?
I.e. From a planning engineering point of view, if I want to show this feature in any RF planning tool than what could be the use case which I show to any operator?

In DSS implementation will there be any identifier in drive logs to identify DSS is used or not.
Or will it be not identiable in Air interface?

Use case would be if operator does not have allocated 3.5Ghz or have no equpment, just to make fast 5G launch.
As collegues said this use case has just marketing purpose.
From capacity perspective probably will be worse.
You can maybe ask for 4x4 MIMO for NR FDD to boost NR thpts that are affected by LTE control symbols.
From RF planning point there is no anything specific in there.

Hi @Bega82,
With which UE did you test it?
If it was Qualcomm, were you able to see RE level logs to check which RE are actually being punctured in a 5G slot to compensate for the LTE CRS?

In case of DSS center frequency remains common for both LTE and NR so from ARFCN of NR and LTE you can check whether DSS is activated or not.

Verizon’s DSS 5G…

:joy: DSS has screwed name of 5G.

Indeed many are upset by DSS.
Even MNOs are upset by DSS because it spoils the brand name of 5G.

Can anyone comment or suggest further reading related to origin of DSS?
Like what was the reason this was suggested knowing the drawbacks?

LTE NR Coexistence.
Could be the first motivation.

Money saving for MNOs and lack of spectrum is why DSS was deployed.
Also greed is on the list.

Ideally they could have simply put ULI in SIB2 without NR cells, users would still see 5G and get better speeds than DSS (as mentioned in the links shared that LTE is performing better than DSS).

Which vendor is supplying Verizon?
Ericsson? I mean for DSS in NY.

It doesn’t matter which vendor.
They all have DSS problems.

Just out of curiosity, but I see what you mean. :wink:

Vendor is Samsung.
Verizon have better 4G throughput than DSS, because their is less loaded.
4G is less loaded.