Can ChatGPT Answer All Questions Related To Telecom? How Smart Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI update and it has brought Artificial Intelligence to everyone. But the important question is that how smart ChatGPT really is? Is it really a know-it-all entity that can provide all the answers correctly? Is the Artificial Intelligence about to reach the Inflection Point and from here onwards, AI is going to take over? To get the answers to all these questions, I had a discussion with ChatGPT asking about many type of technical questions that are related to our day to day work. Some of the answers amazed me while others were pretty average. Here are my findings about this AI along with my opinions.

Youtube: How Smart ChatGPT Really Is? Inflection Point For Artificial Intelligence! - YouTube


I’ve had good conversations with ChatGPT, some responses are quite generic and conservative, but for basic usage it’s fine.

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Still a long way to go. It’s still provides more generic responses around opto. As it’s a general model trained based on stalled data. The optimization recommendations requires continuous learning and focus as there are so many permutations. GPT3 is only 175 billion parameters while the next GPT4 will be trained with 100 trillion parameters. It could get one step closer. However cognitive abilities to match still long way to go. Maybe things will improve around optimization in the next few years and there could be some open APIs to support it differently for planning and optimization use cases. More to come. Fingers crossed. It’s an exciting journey.


It cant do the research on its own… Thats the biggest limitation. unlike google, which can draw information from multitude of sources, ChatGPT only shares a general roadmap to achieve the desired outcome