Can b20 be Pcell in CA_7-20?

Here 3GPP says that any one can be pcell.
And that’s true.
There is no restriction from 3GPP.
But practically TDD pcell FDD scell is difficult to work due to limited uplink of tdd.
Hence no device support it.

This is not clear to me. Weird IE structure.

No device in market support TDD pcell FDD scell.

Just go value wise.
Yes different IE.

Send actual snap if possible, not as text.

i have in txt only.
Value 8 :
Value 1
Value 2
Value 3

You can say value 1,2,3 like item 0,1,2.


B48 IS TDD AND B66 IS FDD from 3gpp 36.101

I am saying same. :slight_smile:
No restriction from 3GPP.
You can use it if device support.

Ok dear.
Device wise huge variation there like above structure I given its very different.

For CA of FDD+TDD, when this CA is firstly released, UE only support fdd as Pcell and tdd as Scell.
But later UE can support any as Pcell.

Because PUCCH is always sent on the PCell in CA and TDD has lower uplink capacity.