Can alarm affect coverage pattern?

Hi Ericsson Expers.

Will this alarm affect my coverage pattern?

Error on RET-specific Procedure, with reason ANTP_ANU_ERROR_MOTOR_JAM

(As remote tilt value is same)

Yes, it will.

In simple, irrespective of remote tilt value, coverage will be same.

Yes, it will.

Just to Add: Because of the motor error from OSS one may not modify the electrical tilt to the desired value if required for optimisation purpose.

But I find the right value I want in tilt

As I have optimise and want to do post drive for acceptance

But confuse if it behaves unsual then…

Value will be there but you cant see the actual impact after the change.

Means it will not work properly.

Need to wait till issue resolve you mean.

Yes, correct.