Can active BWPs for different UEs overlap?

Hello 5G experts,

According to the TS, a UE can only have one active BWP at a time. However, nothing in the TS seems to restrict the network, in particular, the scheduler from serving different UEs using BWPs that partially overlap one another in terms of PRBs.

Taking this into consideration, I have the following questions:
1 - Is it really feasible for the network to activate two UE-dedicated BWPs that partially overlap in PRBs, as long as they are directed at different UEs?
2 - If the answer is yes, what could be potential use-cases for overlapping BWPs?
3 - If the answer to 1 is yes, is it expected of the NR scheduler to manage potential cross-BWP interference? By that I mean, should a typical NR scheduler be smart enough to avoid allocating more than once the PRBs that are shared between overlapping BWPs?

I read a lot of sources on BWPs, but most of these sources focus on how BWPs work from the UE perspective and never from the network perspective.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Edit: small clarifications.