Can 5G phones interfere with aircrafts?

Air france is obliging passengers to switch off 5G handsets in the airplanes, as 5G waves can interfere with Radar circuits as per latest news:


Which frequency or band are they worried about?
Ideally Radar is in mmwave and Europe just has FR1.
Are they worried about harmonics?

Weather Doppler radar is on DFS band.
But the right channels are not usable anyways.
From UE perspective I don’t see harmonics being an issue.
They should be more concerned with 5G phones (not qualcomm) overheating! :wink:

Good point, why always phone are overheating other than Qualcomm chipset?

I think it might happen if mmWave used.

It has been noticed during Drive Test that others chipset mobiles normally using high TX power even nearby the site. E.g 15 tx power under the site some time.
However Qualcomm chipset not exceeding 0 under the site and not heating.

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