Call setup degradation on UMTS site

Hello Experts.

I have encountered a call setup degradation on UMTS900 site.
It is U111 configuration.
Pcpich is 360
Pwradm is 75
Max total output power is 20watt.

The poor cssr is due to dlpwr congestion.
So please recommende me the solution.
It’s Ericssson vendor.

CPICH/MaxPwr relation is too high, 20%, recomend increase maxTransmissionPower.

Do you mean increasing the RRU power?
20 to 40?
Wha is the requirement to increase the max power?

Check the CAC algorithm parameters and relax them little bit.
Plus CAC have different algorithm types in Huawei, no idea about Ericsson.
But if the congestion is massively high than Algorithm can be turned OFF.
If you cant increase the RRU Power from 20W to 40W.
First check may be RRU is of 40W and running on 20W.

For MaxTxPower 20Watt, CPICH should be 330