Calculate UE power consumption

Dear Experts,
Is there any way to calculate UE power consumption?
Because I need to activate DRX and need to show improvements in UE power consumption.


Unfortunately no (as far as I remember).
There is no mechanism where UE reports its remaining power to network.
Your best bet is to do field trials or lab trials.

UE can report the power headroom to network (PHR), right?

Yes but that has nothing to do with 90% or 10% battery.

Ok. If you are talking about overall battery level, then it’s fine.
I remember reading some rel16 enhancements even for such cases too…

With UE assistance information, UE can give its preferred DRX parameters and no of CA carriers etc, but sharing the actual battery level still doesn’t seem possible.

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Yes dear, but I’m looking for a formula, so I can know how the consumed UE power reduce after DRX.

Yes UE Assisted Information was more of other things like noise and stuff.
Not battery.

You will need the cooperation of the UE chipset vendor(s) to do this calculations. Keep in mind there are multiple radios supported by the UE and you need the following information for each radio:

  • Model of usage (how long Tx is on and how long RX is on and the parameters for the DRX cycle)
  • Tx current consumption (i) in active state at different supply voltage values (v)
  • Rx current consumption (i) n active state
  • Current consumption (i) in DRX (or standby) state
  • Power consumption (w) in a given state = sum { i (amp) x v (volt) }

I don’t know any formula as such.
But if we think about it, we are basically limiting the no of PDCCH decodes through CDRX.
So, the power consumption due to modem decoding PDCCH will be decreased by (total CDRX length)/(on duration).

Yes, I’m using this now.
Thanks @pradeep.


you know this?

It is related to nrf9160 LPWAN chipset only and calculation is always related to network settings, but might give you an idea.

Another, more general tool here: