Calculate Latency in different SNR in 5G NR (with or without HARQ)

Hello Experts.
Does anyone knows how to calculate latency in different SNR in 5G NR using the HARQ or without HARQ?

Lots of apps provide latency statistics.

I don’t understand with or without HARQ. Do you mean with and without retransmission?

Yes. With retransmission and without retransmission.
I just need to know how to calculate it on each SNR.

On drive testing tools, think you can get all this data in table format.
Export it to Excel, filter on times when HARQ is 0 and plot SNR against Latency?

I am using MATLAB.
So, there is a calculate for Latency for sure, but I couldn’t find a source of it.

How come there is no formula to calculate the latency like throughput.
Really I am really curious now.
Can someone explain me how to calculate latency in 5G NR.
As I know how to calculate throughput.

Been thinking about this.

In one of my projects we bought a special setup to measure latency at ms level.
But it needed special equipment behind PGW (UPF equivalent in 4G) and packets were specially marked on sender side and server will capture packets to calculate latency.
You can build this DYI style, if you know some Python and Wireshark.
Send a ping packet from device and on server side (install a ftp server or something) capture packet and measure latency.
Challenge with setup is having synchronised clocks on sender and server.

This is too far to do this @ran_core_consultant.
I am using MATLAB with 5G toolbox.
I am simulating MIMO-OFDM for PDSCH.
I am have already computed throughput and BER also.

Sorry, I didn’t follow whole conversation. Yes you said it’s in Matlab.

So, how shall I calculate latency on each SNR?
Since I know how to calculate throughput?