Guys, there is a very good site to check what band combinations support in 4G and 5G any phone.
It is called cacombos.
You can quickly introduce phone name filter by bands filter by mimo layers etc.
Enjoy it! :wink:

cacombos (added to our Resources list):

Telecom Devices

Each of you could contribute: just provide logs or UE capability so owner can improve database for 4G and 5G.
There’s a contact link at the bottom of the page.
It is a very good and useful site, and you will often need it.

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One thing you need to know about cacombos.
You can select operator policy or hardware.
Operator can alterate the supported bands combinations.
For example: Xiaomi devices good know no limitation of combinations with Carrier Policy outside of China. DSS have limited but 5G enabled everywhere.
ZTE and Motorola allow 5G only home PLMN but otherwise no 4G combo and band limit per PLMN.
Other vendors like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, OnePlus have Carrier Policy limit bands/combos per network.
Samsung Exynos hard because have to test every PLMN so that’s why so many combinations missing on cacombos.
This site is the only one to tell you how many mimo layers are supported by a UE for each band combination.
Without it is a nightmare to search inside UE capability messages.

Indeed, a very good site :+1:

Only advice: don’t take it for granted.
Many MNO restrict a lot UE capabilities of mobiles for the smartphones they sell in their shops.