CA Options

Hello Experts.

We have this scenario: (Vendor is Ericsson)

  • L2100 on 5216 BBU
  • L1800 on 6630 BBU

If we want to do CA between L1800 & L2100 there are 2 options:

  1. Idle cable connection
  2. Through TX agrregation point TCU level

Can anyone tell what are pro and cons between these 2 options?

What do you mean by Idle Cable Connection?
Sync Cable between the 2 basebands?

As far as I know, we have Inter eNodeB CA Feature but that needs both the Baseband to be time & syncronized.

Yes sync cable, called idle cable.

Right! Is it working for you this way?

It is working both way!
Query is which will be preferable.
Or pro and cons.

Would like to know more about this.
Also the second option.

Simply check the CA Performance in terms of CA Usage sCell activations etc. also the CA Throughput and Spectal Efficiency etc.


Also I would like to know if you are using GPS Sync or NTP/PTP Sync Source?
The requirement of Inter eNodeB CA is time & phase synchronization which needs GPS Sync.

Are these 2 options you have mentioned an alternative to GPS Sync?