CA link establishment failures impacting KPI

Dear All,
Did anyone got KPIs impacted due to CA link establishment failures?
As the inter-site CA performance degraded after inter-site CA link establishment failures.

Vendor is Nokia.

Hi, Waddah.

Inter-site CA requires tight backhaul/X2 synchronization, including phase, which is not very common for FDD networks (not sure if it is your case).

The one time I tried to activate it in a single eNodeB (two separated BBUs), the alarms related to X2 poor performance were raised and no Inter-Site CA was effectively used.

Alarms raised:
Inter-Site CA link establishment failure
Inter-Site CA X2 link unavailability
Latency of the link for inter-site CA permanently exceeds threshold

So you are probably experiencing X2 issues.

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Hi @marcengo
We are facing those alarms except X2 alarms. What steps we can go through and check the output
Thank you for your kind support