Brazil electoral court could ban Telegram app for not fighting fake news

Brazil’s top electoral authority, the TSE, is considering whether to ban the messaging app Telegram during the run-up to October elections because it has not responded to requests to help combat the spread of misinformation.

Alexandre de Moraes, from Supreme Federal Court (STF) - the highest organ of the Brazilian Judiciary, just declared ban of Telegram right now.


Article in portuguese: Moraes determina bloqueio do aplicativo de mensagens Telegram em todo o Brasil | Política | G1

Pavel Durovone of the creators and CEO of telegramused his own account on the messaging service to apologize for the lack of contact with the Federal Court of Justice (STF) and to ask for more time to comply with the determination of remove profiles who use the application to spread fake news.

Telegram keeps working in Brazil.

Decision will be valid from March 21 on.

Telegram’s ban in Brazil has been lifted.

Brazil has lifted its ban on Telegram after the country’s Supreme Court blocked the messaging app on Friday for failing to comply with court orders.

The court walked back on its ban after Telegram made several changes to help keep misinformation at bay in the country, which includes removing classified information shared by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and deleting accounts belonging to Allan dos Santos, an activist and Bolsonaro supporter accused of spreading disinformation.

WhatsApp will get massive groups in the future, but not in Brazil due to the upcoming election