Boda: Issue in Ericsson Eutranfrequency MO

Hello @Emmanuel,

When we have an export with 3g and 4g at the same time , some MO are repeated like Eutranfreqrelation and Eutranfrequency
For Eutranfreqrelation your parser is duplicating the MO
-Eutranfreqrelation for 4g
-Eutranfreqrelation_utrancell for 3g
This is fine
But we have the same problem for Eutranfrequency MO. And the system is providind information about only 4g. For 3g this is information is not available but present in export. Con you duplicate the MO as you did for EUtranfreqrelation?


@Juan_J_Ortiz ths issue is windows is case insensitive so Eutranfrequency.csv and EUtranfreqrelation.csv are the same file.

It definitely makes sense to differentiate the 2 MOs in the files. Thanks for raising this issue.

We are going to change it accordingly.


Thanks a lot!!
It is expecting this result acordling to ericsson model:

4 different files at teh same time:

-Eutranfreqrelation.csv -> regarding 4g model
-Eutranfreqrelation_utrancell.csv -> regarding 3g model
-Eutranfrequency.csv -> regarding 4G model
-Eutranfrequency_RNC.csv -> regarding 3g model

I hope this can helps you !


It is very helpful. Thanks.

More cases
Should be divided in
Eutrancellrelation_utrancell -> containing nrel 3g4g
Eutrancellrelation_eutrancell -> containgin nrel 4g4g

Any help on this?

Hi. We still facing tha same issue :expressionless:
Any update on this? For every MO repeated in different techonogy ( 5g,4g,3g,2g) the parser is merging the information in only one MO , therefore the columns are not getting correct values in CSV. MO reported so far: eutranfrequency, euntracellrelation but for sure are more since in Ericsson some MO got the same name in different tech ( but paramters are different of course)

I love this behavior. It helps me a lot. Why do you think this is an error?
If you want, you just split the RAT. (there will be correct values in each column, for each RAT)

Hi. You are not getting the proper values when 2 rats are involves for repeated MO ,check columns position please. It is a bug. Columns are moved depends on the rat. It is not a matter of split the export. Its a matter of wrong result. For eutranfreqrelation already exists a solution getting 2 different MO and is fine . For multitech nodes (recently released) all informarion is in the same rat and the behaviour is still wrong so splitting the export in rats is not a solution neither. Perhaps you are not using those mo for your checks. Please check eutrancellrelation 3g3g and 4g4g or eutranfrequency MO in one export containing 4g and 3g at the same time. The result is crazy. Another point of view is that sometimes the customer doesn’t allow you to get export separately per rat… Only one file containing the whole network rats and this tool should be valid for these scenarios too.

@Juan_J_Ortiz looking into it