Block the UE to latch on 4G from RAN node end

Hi Experts,
Any parameter to block the UE to latch on 4G from RAN node end?
Vendor is Huawei.

Yes, cell barred.

Enable the function of Automatic Cell Barring:

  • URRCTRLSWITCH: SYS_INFO_UPDATE_FOR_IU_RST and BARRED_CELL_FOR_CSDOMAIN_RST from the Process switch drop-down list.

  • UCELLALGOSWITCH: SYS_INFO_UPDATE_FOR_IU_RST from the Cell CAC algorithm switch drop-down list.

  • UIUTIMERANDNUM: to configure the interruption protection function. Then, enable interruption protection by specifying CN protection timer.

It means it completely block the user to latch 4G and only to stay on 3G?
Can this be able to done on nation wide? (If so what will be impact?)
I think it’s on RNC end right?