BLER vs IP Throughput


Can we relate High BLER to Low IP IP Throughput?
Any particular reason to maintain BLER target 10%?
Or its Vendor specific?

Amit D.

All vendors set IBLER target as 10%.
I have seen one simulation chart about Throughput vs SINR of IBLER 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%.
10% always give best result.


By standard I think.

  • PS services BLER 10%
  • CS services BLER 1%

In 3G it has direct relation to Eb/N0.

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in bad radio condition, a BLER target of 10% keeps the MCS very conservative and increasing the BELR target, increases the MCS and it provides higher throughput gains. So this parameter can be tuned to get better results.

iBLER has direct relation with MCS also.
Lower the target ibler, lower the MCS, higher the target ibler will result in good MCS allocation.
This is because scheduler assigns the MCS so as iBLER will not cross target ibler threshold.
Hence through can be impacted if BLER is high.

Thank you …

So according the chart throughput with BLER 10% is better than throughput with BLER 5% or 0% ?
I thought that if BLER decreases Thp increases.

Theorically, 10% ibler UE has more chances to get higher MCS than 5% ibler.

This is paramater I think but how about BLER as KPI ?

High BLER = Low everything important for Throughput.
< 10% is ideal condition to ensure good blocks are Tx Rx between UE & NW.
> 10% would initiate Out of sync and maybe RLF

Exactly :+1:t2: To handle BLER, MCS is reduced for better decoding at target which in turn reduces throughput.