BlackBerry - the End of an Era

The End of BlackBerry Phones Is Finally, Truly Here

The company is pulling support for its devices, meaning that at some point they will no longer be able to connect to cellular networks.

BLACKBERRY, the company that once dominated smart mobile devices, recently announced it is finally discontinuing key services that support its phones. As of today, the phones will no longer be provided with provisioning services, meaning they will gradually lose the ability to join networks, including the cellular network.

It was Nokia and now it’s Blackberry. I had a good memory of owning one back in 2011. The messaging platform has been replaced by plenty of other apps like Whatsapp and Telegram. The only downside is the low resolution camera.

Hopefully you’ll make a strong comeback someday!

Yes. BlackBerry refused to change.

I think Tesla prototype of mobile handset is hot and sexy.
I am not betting on the data rates Elon Musk claimed to offer via Starlink.
But if he can deliver on 12 to 15 days of battery life for handset, it would be a game changer.
Telsa’s encroachment in Apple territory means Apple would also attack Tesla in electric car domain.
The world is set to change radically in coming years.