Black Oval Indentation on the Side of new iPhone 12

Hey Guys,

Do you have a new iPhone 12 Pro- and wonder what the black oval on the right hand side is? :grinning:

Looked it up and turns out there is a “window” for a mmWave 5G antenna!


Wondering how well this will work or not - seems that while we’re holding the phone, it’s easy to cover it inadvertently.

Let’s wait.

Update: mmWave 5G antenna is only available on iPhones sold in the United States. All iPhones sold outside the States will be (probably) missing for now that little oval panel and instead have a plain edge apart from the Side Button.

But what is your opinion: will it work? :thinking: :wink:

Check the full article here to get more details about the indentation:

In the article, it mentioned there are several this kind of antennas connecting to the Qualcomm’s dragon modem. Thus no matter how you hold your iphone, there is at least one antenna is not blocked. So it should work, put some confidence in Apple :slight_smile:

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