Better situation but worse throughput

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I hope you all are well. I appreciate if anyone can help me with the question below.
In LTE, I have a sector with 2 bands (1800 and 2600). Both layers have same TA distribution, MIMO type and RS power. Although 1800 has lower payload, utilization, users and also better CQI, its throughput is worse than 2600. I can not understand why it is like that!

Are they FDD bands?

Yes they are

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by nature higher frequency has better data rate but If you have no interference issue, MIMO number of layers are same, in case one layer has higher PRB utilization but lower number of users, it could be due to higher number of CA SCELL Traffic. CA Users that treat the cell as Scell are not counted as users and their traffic also is summed for pcell so in this case, they consume the resources on SCELL but are not counted as users of cell.
there are counters that show amount of scell users and used PRBs for as SCELL.

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What is the BW for each?

Do you mean cell or user throughput?

Check SINR and percentage of bad samples.

I think you should have stretched 1800 a little bit more than 2600 as its coverage layer while the 2600 capacity layer?


  • What’s the Inter-Freq strategy?
  • MLB strategy?
  • CA strategy?
  • Inter rat connected mode and and reselection parameters?
  • Which layer reselection it’s having high priority?
  • What’s the PA vales of both layers?
  • Check for any alarm, interference, VSWR.
  • What’s the MIMO usage?

Do a static field testing in similar RF contribution and try to understand what’s the issue or difference.

If you are able to achieve peak throughput, check MCS vs throughput vs BLER vs allocation rate.

Mainly I guess parametric problem check scheduling parameters, enhanced cfi, EPF factor, packet length awareness. IBLER Target setting, initial mcs settings, mcz increase strategy.

Also check if inter rat or inter frequency gap measurements are frequent in L1800 or not.

Check PRB utilization and number of scell activations on bother layer and number of PRBs used as scell,.

If PRB utilization of 1800 is high, propably PRBs of 1800 are used as scell for L2600 causing higher throughput for L2600 and lower throughput for L1800.

Assuming both under similar propagation environment, my simple answer will be because of the bigger wavelength at 1.8 which results in lower data rates.