Best website to get a job in Telecom

Hello dears,

What is the place to start looking for a job in Telecom industry?

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In few years, Telco jobs would be posted on Upwork. :grin:

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A lot of posting for remote work asking for EU passport :grin:
Due to passport factor we love our own country :grin:.


In post Covid-19 world, such things (passport) won’t matter.
Remote jobs on Upwork, Fiverr Pro, Toptal would become the norm.

Yes. They would come to their senses in due course of time.
Talent has nothing to do with passport.
The sooner companies realise that, the better.
Globally, the race is to hunt the best brains.

USA most of consultant job required passport, h1b.

Please have a look at Upwork and Toptal.

It’s for security clearance.
In Europe in many countries you don’t get into a project without a security clearance certificate. Sometimes it takes months or even years to obtain one.
Without security clearance you don’t get access to oss, live traces, counters, etc.
In Europe is very complicated.
Especially for Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway Finland.

Getting passport for other nation itself difficult.

I remember the years of 1998-2000 when I met contractors on RF working with 1500 USD per day and spending years on projects with such a good rate.
I was permanent at that time.
Those days are long gone and will never come back for contractors.

Yes, very true that was golden era for Telecom, even for drive test as well, good amount paid.

I think that having a visa to work in the US is a must (as any other country, I guess), but security clearance is a completely different matter.
One hypothesis is that this is something they do to block non-US-citizens for certain jobs, because only US citizens can obtain security clearance.
They cannot state that a certain job is for US citizens only, but they can require clearance, which is a politically correct way to say the same thing (only US citizens).

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I agree but process is tough, and all depends on luck to get US stamped.

And competition is fierce.
It’s not unusual that as soon as there’s a position open in one of the big companies they receive 200 resumes or more.

Mostly from Asia.
One of my friend joined as consultant with rakhten told me mostly in consultant field turkey people dominates having very good hand over macro, Excel.

For reasons that we already know (excellent skill set, but also a loooooot of competitors - which drive salaries down).
This is why they have so many requirements.
They come from a 200 resumes list to a 50 resumes list (which is already more than they can manage) by saying you should already have a H1B.

Yes best rate 8k USD per month whatever you are.

And if they offer 6k, theres still going to be a list of 20 people (or more) willing to take the opportunity.


American citizen here. Some jobs can require us citizenship but not clearance.
Some jobs do require security clearance, usually when involves military stuff.
But ALL jobs require you to be authorized to work in the US, that can be many sorts of visa and green card.

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