Best value of N310 timer for an excellent QoS / QoE

Hi Guys.

Regarding UE timers and constants for LTE, what do you think of N310?

What should be the correct value for an excellent QoS / QoE, regardless of KPI?

For example:

  • Ericsson runs with N310 = 20
  • Huawei runs with N310 = 10
  • But I have seen networks with N310 = 6 for QCI1

Higher the N310, lower the drop but bad user experience.

For QCI because the affect is instantaneous and easily perceivable its kept low.

N310 = 6 provides excellent customer experience (and KPIs are degraded according to user experience), so allowing operators to detect cells with problem and to take action.

It is suitable only for very good networks where coverage is not an issue at all.

Idea is that operators do not like N310 low due to bad KPIs, is like keeping the dust under the carpet.

We all know that dust is there is just hidden when N310 = 20.

Any parameters related to timers are not real optimisation and is just trade off between bad user experience and good KPI.

Lolz. Yes these parameters can become very political too during contract and performance negotiations

Somehow I do not agree with this.

Without N310 = 6 operators will not know which cells are with bad user experience except cases when they have mos counters activated.

Or N310 = 10 is also OK.

But N310 = 20 is really bad, is the maximum possible value of N310.

I also think that N310 = 10 allows a faster call reestablishment improving user experience, shorter interruption time before reestablishment.

Yes. Thats the reason to keep it low i.e. force the RRC stack to initiate re-establishment process.

Yes. I also think the same.

UE does not have to wait till VoLTE call is complete muted before call reestablishment.

I mean for data we do not care much, but for VoLTE we should care!

How about N311?

Lower value like N311 = 1 is better?

This is also arguable N311 = 1.

But all vendors go with N311 = 1

Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia.


I have seen same value in Ericsson and Nokia.

I have not seen a single network with value higher than 1.

T311 is also a long discussion…

What is the default and recommended values for T311 ?