Best RAN Planning and Optimization Tools


Which is the best RAN planning tool …and any known good/bad things.

I believe Huawei has there own tool, except that everybody else relaying on tools from Mycom, ExFo, TEOCO, Netscout ?, Actix, Forsk, Amdocs. Which tool is good , cost…ease of use.

Please share your views…will help me to put a recommendation to my management for purchase in coming months.


These are the tools i have used for Planning:

Other experts can comment / add more…

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Guess Atoll is the most used nowadays

Atoll is widely used now a days and its user friendly along with compatible formats for export/import files

Choosing the best RAN planning tool depends on your needs. Here are some options -
Huawei’s Tool - Great for Huawei equipment.
Mycom - Feature-rich but complex.
ExFo - Excellent for testing and monitoring.
TEOCO - Good for analytics and cost management.
Netscout - Strong in performance monitoring.
Actix - User-friendly for drive test data.
Forsk (Atoll) - Accurate and easy to use.
Amdocs - Excellent for service assurance.

I think you can use Atoll, because it is easy to use.

It’s Signal Pro from EDX Wireless a premier RF planning tool, offering comprehensive solutions for various planning needs, including indoor and outdoor networks, WiFi Mesh, microwave point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint systems.

Key features include:

  1. Global map data included with the default subscription.
  2. A flexible pay-as-you-grow subscription model.

As a regional representative of EDX Wireless, I’m available to assist with any purchase inquiries. Feel free to contact me at or via my LinkedIn profile @honeycharnalia.