Best language programming for the Data Science industry?

Hello Experts.

What is the best language programming to improve Data Science skills?

Python? Any suggestion?

This is actually not correct any more.

The Data Analytics / Data Science industry is fast moving to low code/ no code tools.

Also, Python will not upgrade to version 4.

Basically, Python has passed its peak.

One should learn either Julia or else SQL +Power BI

Yes, I agree to PBI → Best Power BI YouTube Channels

I started with this list, from Leila (I love her teaching):

But once you are used to it, you can follow your own way…

In my case, i am building a dashboard using csv generated by Boda.

But of course, you can choose anyone from the curated list… you will see it is worth.

Here, she answer a good question:

“Why is everyone switching to Power BI? I’ll tell you why…”

I think that in the world of data science the two most used languages are Python and R, personally I prefer R. My experience with R is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone, it has a very large community and allows you to develop almost any imaginable solution. Anyone who wants me to share some R resources feel free to PM me.

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