Best KPIs for LTE network


Can any one give us the best KPIs threasholds for an LTE network.
These threashold will be used as targets for the optimisation process.

Many thanks.

The starting point is normally the default values which the RAN provider suggests/enforces. Each major service provider in turn either accepts such values or makes changes in a “gold standard” reference document. RAN providers do not generally use 100% equivalent counters and/or definitions to come up with any given KPI; i,e. the devil is in the details of what KPIs to use and for what purpose. Some KPIs may not even exist within a RAN implementation, or there may be significant caveats when trying to “generalize” across RANs.

The purpose is to check the performance of the Network. We have categories of KPI and numbers of KPI of each category. In the Optimization process, we have to check the KPI value to monitor and optimize the radio network performance in order to provide better subscriber quality or to achieve better use of installed network resources.

  1. Retainability KPI
  2. Mobility KPI
  3. Integrity KPI
  4. Availability KPI
  5. Utilization KPI