Best Intra band layer strategy

Hi Experts.
I have one query:
For deployment intra band layer which strategy best:

  1. Contiguous
  2. Non contiguous

First, RAN to support the IBW then single or 2 carrier definition.

RAN support it, but which one more beneficial contiguous or non contiguous?

3rd. Keep it as a single 10 or 15 or 20 MHz band (OBW including).
Else between operators we can sync to harmonise.

Contiguous is better since single BW.
Non contiguous may need to be defined as say B3- 1 & B3 -2 carrier.

You can define same priority for the non cont bands.

It depend on supported devices penetration in you network.

From interference point of view I think non contiguous more beneficial.

As stated above by our colleague it depends on UE capabilities and from my experience there were more UEs supporting contiguous CA but not non contiguous for intra band cases.