Best GIS/GEO tool for Telecom

Hello dears.

Please, what tool are the best to use in Telecom?
Mapinfo, QGIS or other?
(Considering that Mapinfo don’t have free maps).

I used to use Mapinfo, but currently I use QGIS, because it is more user friendly and free with lots of plugins.

QGIS and and ArcGIS.

QGIS is nice.

For QGIS is it necessary to program in Python?

It’s open source, all essentials pretty much covered.
For utilities you may need to go through repository and fetch plugins as per your needs.
Mapinfo is simpler but with hands on QGIS you would eventually prefer it more.

Do you have any tool or pluggins to check neighbors in 3G or 2G or 4G?

Haven’t mapped neighbors on this.
But you can search for it in plugins.

Just found a link not apple to apple workout but you can take a bit reference for working it out:

What program language do I need to use to made my plugins?

The way I use it, I do not need to program.
Just basic SQL or expression structure.
For example if you want to check the Rxlev average in a polygon (might be a community), no need for any programing.

Many years ago I did it in MS Access.

As this is something which is technology and platform independent and also license independent.

I don’t have it anymore, but sharing the logic:

  1. From the intersite distance formulae, find the distance between each site to every other site (Excel hangs so used Access);

  2. Filter data (as top 20 or within 5 kms for example);

  3. Use the bearing formula to calculate the bearing between the sites;

  4. Put sites into cells azimuth wise;

  5. Use the bearing to calculate neighbours bithways. Eg if 10 degree is alpha…beam width ±30…so all the neighbours which fall within 350 to 20 are it’s alpha neighbour.

Similar do the other way round. Neighbour to this site, then correlate and you have your final answer.

Yep, no special programing required.

I believe this should help for your neighbor query:

Also, Python console is available within QGIS.

It’s tedious to calculate distance.
Best bet is to use MapInfo tool to calculate inter cell distance.
In one go, it would create a list of 10, 20 or any number of closest cells.
Concatenate and vlookup in neighbor file of dump.