Best free intelligent platform like ChatGPT

ChatGPT intelligent platform itself doesn’t know that new version GPT4 is released :sweat_smile:

Is there any best option?

It’s because ChatGPT is trained for data till September 2021.

If you want ChatGPT power along with latest data, use for content writing

For coding, GitHub Copilot is much more powerful than ChatGPT.

  • ChatGPT costs 20$
  • GitHub Copilot costs 10$
  • costs 8$

Per month

As a Data Scientist, the day GitHub Copilot was released, I stopped focusing on coding and increased my focus on finding actionable insights from the data.

Coding has now become a commodity.

And Data Science has shifted to low code/ no code solutions.

Power BI is the killer Data Science tool. But very few people truly understand it’s AI capabilities.

Power BI has become so popular that companies switched from AWS and GCP to Azure.

As a reaction, both Google and Amazon have integrated Power BI in their cloud solutions. And its even a better news for Microsoft because now Power BI power has been validated by rivals.

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It involves subscription.

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Yes, Github copilot costs 10$ per month.

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Your wish has been granted:

Those who have developed ChatGPT know how to do business. They launched the first product which was not perfect. Gathered feedback. And now adding improvements.

Dharmesh Shah said “The first release of your product should embarrass you. If it doesn’t, you waited too long”.

Also, Joel Spolsky shared the insight that whenever companies launch a version update or new features, sales increase.

So instead of launching the perfect product in one go, try to launch the first version as good enough

And then release the updates and features to double the traction.

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