Best feature/solution for very high congested cells

Please suggest , Best solutions for Very Loaded cells in LTE like:

  • Split
  • Massive Mimo
  • CA
  • MLB
  • Band expansion
  • 4T4R

Any good feature/solution for very high congested cells.
Huawei vendor.

Massive is a good solution only if the other criteria achieved number of users and throughput.

MLB is the first priority only if you have one layer congested.

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congested cells, think about MU-MIMO, and some feature that’s belong to scheduling like DLSCHSWITCH=DlPacketLenAwareSchSw-1

and do trail also for CQIAdjustment parameters

Dear Bro,
Sorry for delay, here are the suggested solution for LTE.

  1. MLB is fastest to deploy and very effective solution to Load shift based on High PRB Utilizated or Users num.Do you have 2nd carrier ?
  2. Carrier Aggregation : It will help to improve end user Throughput only for CA supported UE.
  3. Massive MIMO - Significant improve Capacity/Throughput/Coverage but it is cost effective that Antenna will replaced.
  4. Band Expansion - Increase Bandwidth from 10 to 15Mhz,Improve Capacity,Increase Throughput but reduce Coverage and solved Congestion.
  5. Split - Cell split improve coverage,Capacity increase but Interference increase.
  6. 4T4R - Coverage and Capacity improve,Cost effective.