Best alternatives for Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring

Hello dear experts.

I used NetWorx, a very handy tool to measure your network Bandwidth.

It calculates how much bandwidth is being used by the computer in real-time. It can also tell you the possible problem if you are having and tells you if your Bandwidth limits exceeds. NetWorx version 6 was recently launched.

Apart from the new featureset, one thing that upset me was that Networx is no longer a freeware. It is available as a 30 day trial software. After the trial period, the user will need to purchase a license in order to keep using it.

So, what is the best alternative to Networx, or, what is the best Bandwidth & traffic monitoring tool for Windows currently?

I use NetSpeedMonitor for Windows - A Free And Tiny Program For Checking Your Internet Use

There’s no app better than this :point_up_2:

You can download last free version here (v5.5.5):

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