Benchmark comparison for 5G Smartphones

Can anyone suggest which of the following two smartphones has a “better” 5G in it?
iPhone 12 or Samsung galaxy note ultra 5G?
In India.
Is there any spec or benchmark comparison available online or with any member here for the two smartphones?

I would go for “Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 5G”.

And for the comparison, try to compare what bands supports each of them.

Okay, but do you think the Exynos can taken on the A14 bionic in terms of providing a better 5G experience?

Samsung is dealing with 5G since more than 18 months.
Apple just started.

But Samsung might be using Exynos in India, so :man_shrugging:t2:

They use in Europe too and it is Ok.

I heard Exynos has heating issue in general, and while using 5G in particular.

You can buy S20 FE with Qualcomm chipset.

S20 FE is also based on exynos in India.
Moreover, it does not carry a 5G modem.

See the S20 FE pros and cons and this is exactly what I am worried of exynos and hence sceptical to own an exynos powered device.

In India, all Samsung phones are with Exynos, I believe.

Yes, but not all only the flagship ones.
A few mid-tier phones carry the Qualcomm silicon.

Yes Mid Tier QC but non 5G.
For Android, better to go with OP phones in India.
They also have logging enabled by default.

In Europe S20 FE is with Qualcomm chipset.
Have you tested Iphone 12 max 5G? It is also heating itself.

:+1: I suppose they carry the 5G modem as well unlike in India.

But very few bands supported for S20 FE.
This is why people don’tt go for it.

No I haven’t. But Exynos is typically nefarious in this zone for quite sometime now.

Is it the same with 12 Mini and 12 pro or only Pro Max?

Your objective is testing or personal use?

Personal use only.

Think about Battery capacity of iPhone 12 pro max that is only 3700mAh.
For rest of iPhone12 series is just 2700 mAh.