Beam forming with FR1/FR2 with multi UE simulators in lab

Hello Team,

Does anyone tested beam forming with FR1/FR2 with multi UE simulators in lab?
Which simulator is used and how we are emulating field scenario?
Any with E500?

@Nitin, help me in beam forming Testing :joy:

Do you mean MU-MIMO?
I don’t think it is possible in lab by any means.

I mean I want to test beam switching, beam failures etc in lab with multiple UE (UE simulator).
Just want to know anyone tested.

Single UE only bro… nothing with multiple UEs.

Pretty sure E500 supports it.

Thanks. :frowning:

They are still in initial state of it. Hit and trail state.

I’m using simulator with 32 UEs (it depends on how much UEs you configure to it).

Initial state was an year ago. I am surprised if they are still at Initial stage.

Which simulator?

UE & gNB simulator for new release 16 and 15 of 5G NR.

No it’s not in initial state… it’s now much updated.

Yes but which simulator? Keysight or Viavi?

Both Keysight & Altran.

I am guessing: Keysight UE + Core Simulator and Altran Radios?

I think For GNB rel16 n Beamforming solution you have many option.
Anritsu supports both.

Yes, exactly.

Actually Viavi solutions are more hardware centric.
I guess Keysight having good options.